The Company: Trade Logistics & Strategies, LLC

TLS is an international business development company that specializes in the creation of superior international sales, distribution and strategic relationships for its technology based clientele in the biotech, information technology, pharmaceutical and environmental fields. However, TLS' significant multinational contacts, strong network and experience are also available to assist a broad spectrum of commercial enterprise. Founded in 2000, the company has developed particular strength in assisting early stage technology companies and established international distribution companies seeking such technologies to develop international opportunities at the earliest possible time. TLS puts together desirable commercial relationships between emerging technology companies and strong foreign strategic partners to fill sales, distribution, research and development and investment needs. In short, TLS finds, builds and services international opportunities for its clientele.

TLS is uniquely suited to bridge the emerging technology venture world in the USA and elsewhere with the established trading, electronics, pharmaceutical, information technology and distribution based industries that are actively searching and need to develop new opportunities to stay at the top in their own markets. While TLS acts multinationally, it has particular strengths in assisting American and other firms to develop opportunities in and with Japan.

By way of example TLS has assisted BioNetrix, a Fairfax, Virginia based developer of authentication management software to enter a distribution agreement for Japan, and to achieve rapid product localization. Similarly TLS is about to close a distribution deal for a Maryland based biotech company with the largest Japanese distributor of its type. TLS found the opportunity and played an instrumental role in the negotiations.

TLS has introduced and is conducting discussions for several clients involving collaborative research partnership opportunities.

TLS also acts as a syndicating partner of the Windsor Group LLC, a leading investment banker that is very active in the merger and acquisition ("M & A") field. TLS assists the Windsor Group with its international clientele and projects.

TLS works flexibly and creatively with its clients seeking to build long term relationships for mutual benefit. TLS will frequently work as an entrepreneur as well and may be compensated on a “success basis” through commissions, royalties or equity as well as through consulting fees or a combination of such approaches.

Areas For Potential Collaboration

Trade Logistics & Strategies assists its clients to develop case by case collaborations and strategic relationships. These include distribution agreements, technology licensing arrangements, partnerships, joint R & D projects, investment and M & A. Most typically, TLS clients are seeking strong sales and distribution opportunities that will help develop the client's business and technology or will facilitate investment or partnering arrangements.

Such arrangements present significant opportunities for qualified foreign firms to develop mutually beneficial long term relationships involving some of the best technology available anywhere.