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The Biotechnology Clients

20/20 Gene Systems
20/20 Gene Systems Inc. is a Rockville, MD based manufacturer and developer of unique tools for biomolecular analysis that use its proprietary layered proteomics technology. 20/20's first product, the Multi-Replica Blotting Kit for Protein is based on its unique Protein Function identification Layered Membranes (P-Film a/k/a Film For Life™). This product, released in September 2001, allows biomedical researchers to analyze proteins with substantial time and cost savings as compared to conventional methods. 20/20 Gene Systems has recently announced a distribution agreement with Kodak for this product and expects to announce a separate distribution arrangement for the product line for Japan and certain other Asian countries. 20/20 is also developing Image Analysis Software for use with the multi-replica blotting kits. Also in development is a service for analysis of tissue samples. More information may be obtained from 20/20's web page at

BioFx Laboratories
BioFx Laboratories is an Owings Mills, Maryland advanced manufacturer of immuno detection chemistries that include colorimetric and chemiluminescent formulations. These include chemiluminescent substrates, ELISA products, immunohistochemicals, diluents and coating solutions. It's products are noted for stability, lot to lot consistency, and high signal to noise ratio. International customers have achieved significant success with BioFx's TMB and AP Yellow products, for example and like U.S. Customers have enjoyed BioFx' high quality and reasonable prices. More about BioFx may be found at

Cary Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Cary Pharmaceuticals is an early stage pharmaceuticals development company located in Bethesda, Maryland. Cary is developing Quitpak® an oral non-nicotine pharmaceutical product designed for smoking cessation. Patents have been applied for in 26 countries, and a U.S. Patent for Quitpak was issued in March, 2001. It is projected that Quitpak will have an improved safety profile, improved cost effectiveness, and an improved efficiency profile over existing treatments. Cary Pharmaceuticals is also developing proprietary products for hypertension and for heartburn. More about Cary Pharmaceuticals may be found at

Coagulation Diagnostics
Coagulation Diagnostics, Inc. (CDI) is an early-stage medical device company headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. The Company is developing novel and proprietary whole blood diagnostic assays to address unmet needs in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. CDI's objective is to become the leading developer of whole blood coagulation assays in the cardiovascular area.

CDI is developing products for assessing risk of a thrombotic event such as a myocardial infarction (MI) or venous thrombosis, and for monitoring of anticoagulant therapy. CDI has four products under development, which are based on the tissue factor pathway. These are:
(i) the Tissue Factor Clotting Time (TiFaCT®) assay, a functional assay that is used in the assessment of thrombotic risk,
(ii) the Tissue Factor Antibody (TiFAb™) assay, which provides a rapid assessment of the coagulation state,
(iii) the HepStat™, which can monitor the effect of low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) at the point-of-care, and
(iv) the ThromStat, an assay that clinicians can use to determine the active clotting of patients, such as those presenting to emergency departments with chest pain.

CDI's primary thrust is tissue factor, an inflammatory protein and the primary initiator of blood coagulation under physiologic conditions. The Company's technology platform offers several benefits:
(i) it focuses on the extrinsic pathway, the part of the coagulation cascade that is most critical in vivo,
(ii) it produces functional assays that measure actual response as opposed to predicted response,
(iii) it enables the targeting of specific coagulation factors, meaning CDI can custom develop anticoagulant monitors for different drug mechanisms, and
(iv) it is a promising link between thrombosis and heart attack.
CDI believes its assays can help emergency physicians assess the risk of heart attacks rather than just identify damage after the fact. The current state of medical practice for ruling in or ruling out MI has been to use markers of necrosis or cell death. CDI's proprietary tissue factor assays, however, would be used to predict an impending MI in the absence of necrosis. CDI may be found on the web at

Cylex Incorporated
Cylex, is a Columbia, Maryland based company that develops and markets tests and reagents for clinical and research laboratories. The company has developed a patented technology invitro CMT™ for performing immune function assessment in the monitoring of AIDS patients, transplant recipients, cancer autoimmunity and other infectious diseases. Cylex is currently selling Cylex test Kits for research use applications and in the future will be making direct sales to HIV, HCV, cancer and transplantation clinical and research laboratories. Companies developing vaccines or immune based therapies are potential partners for Cylex's technology. More information about Cylex may be obtained at

Plantgenix, Inc.
Plantgenix, Inc. is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania development company that focuses on two vital areas of plant activity: creating healthier, longer lasting plants or creating natural factories. Plantgenix ethylene modulation technology is a new approach to controlling ripening and aging in plants. By controlling the response to ethylene, Plantgenix makes it possible to influence the aging process in plants – producing longer lasting flowers, fruits and vegetables that ripen when desired. The first products commercially available using this technology – longer lasting garden plants with more blooms are now being developed. In September, Plantgenix announced a licensing agreement with Scotts Company, a world leading supplier of lawn and garden care products, pertaining to new varieties of bedding plants.

Plantgenix is the exclusive licensee of a number of key patents and technologies developed by the University of Pennsylvania including a patent covering new genetic technologies which facilitate the use of plants to produce pharmaceutical and chemical compounds, detoxify contaminated soils, enhance the nutritional value and health benefits of food and increase the resistance of plants to herbicides. More information concerning Plantgenix and its core technologies may be found at

Information Technology Products:

Text Ore, Inc.
TextOre is an Arlington, Virginia based company that is commercializing a highly advanced data mining technology. TextOre was originally developed for the U.S. Intelligence Community by Litton TASC, a division of Litton Industries that was acquired by Northrup Grumman Corporation.

TextOre can be used to mine any text, data or information that is in a digital format. TextOre is easy to utilize and is unique in several important features: a) it is multilingual and can data mine in any language (b) it allows the user to rapidly determine what is relevant rather than have a search engine establish it's own relevance rankings, (c) it is soon to be available in several formats as a service, as an ASP model, as a cutomized research tool, and on a subscription basis. More about TextOre can be learned from

BioNetrix, Ltd.
BioNetrix is a Tysons Corner, Virginia based developer of authentication management software for centrally managing user authentication, enabling organizations to increase security, enhance user convenience and reduce cost. The BioNetrix platform unifies authentication management, proving integrated support for more than 20 advanced authentication methods including smart cards, tokens and biometrics (fingerprints, face, iris, voice and signature recognition.) Unlike any other solution available today, BioNetrix software enables the implementation of context sensitive, strong authentication policies to securely access client server, legacy and web-based applications.
BioNetrix has won numerous design and product awards that reflect the state of the art nature of its security technology. It is rapidly gaining customers in the financial, healthcare and commercial sectors. BioNetrix is distributed in Japan by Netmarks, Inc. Trade Logistics & Strategies was actively involved in the development of the Netmarks – BioNetrix relationship. BioNetrix may be found on the internet at

Cyveillance is an Arlington, Virginia technology company that provides business intelligence and monitoring services for its clients based on its Netsapien™ technology. Cyveillance provides expert customized solutions to enable businesses to capture revenue by taking control of their brand identity, digital assets and corporate reputation online. Cyveillance clients include companies such as Merrill Lynch, DeBeers, Goodyear and Nintendo. Cyveillance solutions pertain to such matters as brand protection, digital asset protection, partner network and compliance, competitive and unauthorized distribution. Additional information concerning Cyveillance may be found at

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